Making a Lasting Impression With These 7 Home Staging Tips

If you’re striving to list your Edina Country Club home for sale, staging is an essential component that can give buyers a positive first impression. With professional staging on your side, your listing photos are sure to demand attention, and your open house has a much better chance of success. This translates to more (and higher!) offers.

Staging doesn’t require much investment, either. According to the NAR, most sellers who spent just 1% of the sale price on home staging saw a return on investment of 5% to 15% over the initial asking price. High-quality home staging can also reduce the time it takes for a house to sell. In fact, it’s been found that staging helps homes sell up to 20% faster than their unstaged counterparts.

There are many aspects of home staging that can make a positive impression on prospective buyers and benefit the homeowner. Read on for some expert tips on staging successfully!

1. Depersonalize the space

Depersonalizing each room is an integral part of the home staging process. Rather than displaying photos of the grandkids or personality-filled decor, you should opt for a neutral look when styling your home. The goal of depersonalization is to create a blank space for your prospective buyers, allowing them to imagine how they would add their own personal touch to each room. Removing your personal items can attract more buyers and lead to a faster sale.

2. Deep clean and declutter

Another essential element of successful staging is creating a thoroughly clean and clutter-free home. A deep clean will erase any trace of kids, pets, and the miscellaneous clutter that accompanies daily life. Presenting the house in as pristine a state as possible can attract buyers and increase the perceived value of the property.

Moreover, removing any excess clutter will allow potential buyers to focus on the features of the home itself. Having minimal items in the house will highlight the positive aspects of the property, like ample storage, high ceilings, windows allowing natural light in, and any other components that increase the value of the home. A professional can help you determine which personal belongings and furniture should stay or be removed for home staging purposes.

3. Go for a neutral and modern style

During home staging, it is essential to style the house so that it best appeals to the broadest array of prospective buyers. A clean and cohesive style can attract interest. Neutral colors like white, black, gray, and brown can create an appealing scene for many buyers. Unlike bright, eye-catching colors, the muted nature of neutral colors creates a serene, sophisticated atmosphere. Quiet decor and colors leave room for future owners to imagine how they would style and decorate the space.

A contemporary and modern style indicates to prospective buyers that the owners have been dedicated to maintaining the property throughout the years. A seller putting in the effort to keep up with decor trends indicates that they have been vigilant in keeping up with the property itself. 

4. Add some greenery

Using houseplants in home staging has been shown to help prospective buyers connect with the space and ultimately result in higher sale prices. Putting some potted plants throughout certain rooms can make the home feel more comfortable and inviting. Properly placed plants can promote a flow through the property and create a connection between the indoors and outdoors. Home staging should help buyers form a connection with the space, and plants can contribute to this emotion.

5. Stage the home office

Since the start of the pandemic, more individuals have been working from home. This trend has impacted home sellers across the board, as buyers are increasingly interested in private office space. As remote and hybrid work continues, a home office is often high upon buyers’ wish lists. Home staging can set up a beautiful office where buyers can imagine themselves comfortably working, making them more interested in the property and increasing its value.

6. Spruce up your curb appeal

Home staging does not stop at a house’s interior, as the outside is the first impression that potential buyers will see when visiting your property. It’s important to remember that the curb appeal sets the tone for the rest of the tour. Basic maintenance, such as lawn care, cleaning off the driveway, and adding beautiful flowers, can help make a positive introduction to the property.

7. Virtual staging pays off

Some sellers may find that home staging is unfeasible for their specific scenario. Whatever the situation may be, there are other options available for producing high-quality professional photos. With the power of technology, virtual staging is an excellent option for creating an alluring space for your online listing photos.

With virtual staging, the furniture and decor of each room are digitally edited. Just like traditional home staging, virtual staging is done with the goal of presenting the property at its best to appeal to buyers. Virtual staging offers a fantastic solution for sellers who do not feel that physical home staging is a good fit for them but still see the value in staging the space for prospective buyers to view online.

Ready to get started?

While home staging can help facilitate a faster and more profitable sale, some homeowners may still feel overwhelmed by the process. That is where an experienced professional can be a valuable resource.

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